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Littlelish’s girly bedroom

girly-bag ragdoll

You may have noticed that it has been a little bit quiet over here recently… but if you popped over to my house for a cup of tea you would see I’ve been a busy little bee!!

With Christmas well and truly out of the way it was time to start work on decorating our new house, putting our stamp on it and trying to make it into our family home. We have quite a few rooms to be busy with and have made a start decluttering, re-arranging, painting, DIYing and buying a few key pieces of furniture.

We started with the most important room in the house, Littlelish’s room! I absolutely love decorating children’s rooms, probably because they are the one place is the house you can be as creative as you want. Littlelish wanted a pink girly bedroom, like most 4 year old girls probably do. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of all over pink but I indulged her wishes, it is her room after all.

cushionsgirly-denWe painted the walls with violet white by Dulux, it is a very nice shade and stops it from being too pink, balancing nicely the fuscia and blue touches. All the bedroom furniture is by Ikea. She has a high sleeper bed, with a home made curtain underneath that turns it into a play den, several expedit units to keep all her toys tidy and a sweet little desk where she can draw and write her stories. We ran out of room for a wardrobe but find that all her clothes are easily folded in her Malm drawers. The top of the drawer doubles as a a little dressing table with her hair things, jewellery and crystal collection.

fun-girly-roomtrinket-boxdollhouseThe decoration items are gorgeous and just add the finishing touches to the room. The campervan bedding set, heart pillow, campervan curtains and artwork, LOVE letters and display boxes are all from Dunelm. I love the colour combination of the pink, blue and fuscia which bring the room together. It is cute without being too sickly and Littlelish loves her campervans just as much as her mum does!




wall-sticker-cut-it-outThe wall sticker is from the fabulous Cut it out, who make some really cool wall stickers (more about them later). This is a quote from a Lumineers song we both love, so it means a lot to us both and I think it is a really sweet personal touch. I’ve also added some special things in the display boxes, a picture of mummy and daddy, her first ballet shoes, a clog from Holland (she is half Dutch), her first music maker and some more sentimental bits and bobs.

artwork-girls-roomThe artwork displayed around it is a gorgeous sampler, lovingly made by a good friend, a vintage picture of a girl and horses (Littlelish loves horses) and some custom made little fairy frames that I created out of an old vintage book (50p) and some charity shop frames (50p).

I don’t know about you but I think Littlelish is one lucky little girl. I’m about ready to move into her room!!





Creating a craft cupboard for your children

Arts and crafts cupboard under stairs

Like most 4 year old little girls, mine loves creative play. She has always liked to draw, write and create but it seems since her drawing skills have improved and she is beginning to write, she cannot get enough of it. Along with all this creavity comes stuff… stuff to mould, stick, sprinkle you name it.

As we all know it is hard to keep ‘stuff’ looking tidy. But we have come up with a plan! We have converted our understairs cupboard into a Arts and Crafts cupboard especially for Littlelish! We decided it made sense as creative work such as glueing and painting is nearly always done downstairs so we can keep an eye on her, glitter is extremely dangerous left unattended! I speak from experience…

By using a few plain pine shelves from B&Q and a variety of inexpensive containers from Dunelm and ikea we were able to create an organised creative cupboard perfect for any 4 year old artist. The cupboard is a fine height so she can walk in and select whatever materials she needs to create her masterpiece and head off to the table to begin.

We have found this has improved the clutter in the house no end, everything now has a place and it is much easier to tidy up and keep it all in one place! A cupboard that was originally just used for dumping random things has now got an excellent new use and Littlelish has her own place for storing her creative materials. Do you have a cupboard you could transform into a craft cupboard for your children?