Combining modern with classic styles in the home

contemporary mixed with period

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No matter where you live– in the city or the countryside, in a period home or a new build, the styles that you choose for both decorations and fittings make a personalised statement.

Some people like to take their lead from the building itself and so stick with classic styles for period homes and more modern and contemporary choices for newer buildings. However the cutting edge of home design, both for interiors and exteriors, lies in mixing and matching, combining modern with classic style in unique ways.

Everything from colour schemes to actual building design features can be chosen and altered to reflect your own tastes, so here are some suggestions as to how you can achieve a bespoke style by using the best bits from a range of options.

modern mix traditional kitchen

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One of the best ways to make a truly individual statement is by making sure your kitchen reflects the overall ‘feel’ of your home.

For some people this might mean an ultra contemporary look based around glass and steel fittings and appliances, perhaps with an ‘island’ arrangement where all the action is based around a central hub.

Others may well prefer a ‘country kitchen’ approach, perhaps with an aga or range cooker as the central focus, finished off with appliances and decorations which have a timeless traditional appeal.


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Interior décor

The overall style of interior design need not adhere to one school of thought or another, as mixing up ideas and concepts can be the best way to achieve an original result.

This means that wallpapers more traditionally found in period properties could be combined with steel and glass balustrades on stairing, or perhaps wooden furniture might contrast with the sparsely modernist clean lines of single block painted walls in a living or dining room.


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When it comes to windows people often just accept the ones that are in place without actually thinking about how both the functionality and design can have effects. Traditional wooden sash windows fell out of favour for many years because of old fittings which fell into disrepair, but today many people enjoy both the aesthetic appeal and the ease of use that the uniquely flexible design of modern units offer.


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The garden is increasingly being thought of as an ‘outside room’ and so a mix of modern and classic styles can be used here to great effect too.

A traditional gazebo or conservatory can be matched with contemporary decking to fully utilise outside space, while an old style paved pathway could be twinned with steel and glass dividers to make a bold outdoor statement.



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