Creating a craft cupboard for your children

Arts and crafts cupboard under stairs

Like most 4 year old little girls, mine loves creative play. She has always liked to draw, write and create but it seems since her drawing skills have improved and she is beginning to write, she cannot get enough of it. Along with all this creavity comes stuff… stuff to mould, stick, sprinkle you name it.

As we all know it is hard to keep ‘stuff’ looking tidy. But we have come up with a plan! We have converted our understairs cupboard into a Arts and Crafts cupboard especially for Littlelish! We decided it made sense as creative work such as glueing and painting is nearly always done downstairs so we can keep an eye on her, glitter is extremely dangerous left unattended! I speak from experience…

By using a few plain pine shelves from B&Q and a variety of inexpensive containers from Dunelm and ikea we were able to create an organised creative cupboard perfect for any 4 year old artist. The cupboard is a fine height so she can walk in and select whatever materials she needs to create her masterpiece and head off to the table to begin.

We have found this has improved the clutter in the house no end, everything now has a place and it is much easier to tidy up and keep it all in one place! A cupboard that was originally just used for dumping random things has now got an excellent new use and Littlelish has her own place for storing her creative materials. Do you have a cupboard you could transform into a craft cupboard for your children?



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