Style spot – neon lamp

Every so often I stumble across something that I think is really cool. I might not be able to have it in my house for a number of reasons, it might not fit with my current decor or I might simply not be able to justify spending my hard earned money on it, but what if it is too cool to ignore? I know I will share it with you! I’ve decided to start up my old ‘Style Spot’ which used to be held over on my other blog.

Today I am lusting after this wicked Neon lamp with fluorescent resin stand and linen lampshade from Zara. Sure it has something pineapplesque about it but how fun! I am a big lover of geometric shapes and patterns as well as colour so these are just perfect for me. What I particularly like is that they are paired with such a simple linen lampshade, anything else would be too much and this means that these lamps could make their statement in any room of any house. At £79.99 I think they are a pretty affordable, very cool style statement. I want.


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